HomeLab-pH software for ESP8266

Almost any ESP8266 module supported by the Arduino IDE is compatible with the HomeLab-pH software.

ESP8266 modules supported by Arduino IDE

HomeLab-pH module wired to Wemos D1 mini clone Wiring of Wemos D1 mini to HomeLab-pH Rev.3 enlarge Four GPIOs have to be available. Then you need to only change the default (Arduino) set of GPIO numbers to a set of numbers applicable for the selected ESP8266 module. Hassle-free GPIO's for any ESP8266 based module are those numbered 2, 4, 5, 12, 13 and 14. As an example we have successfully used A‑Vis  and A‑Server  sketches loaded in the D1-mini memory. It was wired to a HomeLab-pH module as shown and the GPIOs set by the following code:

const byte LED_pin = 13; // LED|button pin number
const byte W1_pin  = 12; // T-sensor (1-wire) pin number
const byte i2c_SCL =  5; // I2C SCL pin number
const byte i2c_SDA =  4; // I2C SDA pin number

In the software to download the upper is named "GPIO-pins-set ESP8266".

To check what the software can do with the HomeLab-pH module visit the software for Arduino page.